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Is a destination that should be at the top of any sustainable tourism bucket list.

From the unbelievable coastal views and immense sandy beaches to the breathtaking fields, what is not to like in Cornwall?

The region’s commitment to sustainability is evident in everything from its abundant natural resources and community-based renewable energy projects, to its focus on conservation and eco-friendly tourism.

Why is Cornwall one of the most sustainable places in the UK?

☘ Utilize abundant natural resources such as wind and solar power to generate clean, renewable energy.

☘ Community-based initiatives such as co-operatives and community-owned wind farms are in place to promote sustainable development.

☘ The region has a strong focus on conservation and reducing carbon footprint.

☘ Offer green lodging options and eco-friendly activities that help preserve the natural beauty of the area while promoting economic growth.

☘ Preserve the heritage promoting historical places, local food and ingredients, and sea experiences to discover the wonders of the region.

Imagine yourself diving in Cornwall waters and discovering all the underwater life!!


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