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Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

From North to South, and from East to West. From the sea to the countryside, we can have so many experiences. Here the hard thing is not to be Sustainable!

Why is Pembrokeshire one of the most sustainable places in the UK?

☘ Bein a National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This helps to preserve the local #wildlife and habitats.

☘ The local economy is largely based on sustainable industries such as tourism, agriculture, and renewable energy.

☘ Is home to several renewable energy projects, including wind and solar farms, which help to reduce the county’s carbon footprint.

☘ Have a high number of local organizations and initiatives dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living.

☘ Have one of the most popular coastal walks in the UK.

☘ Preserve the heritage by promoting historic places, local food and ingredients, legends and myths, and sea, and inland experiences to discover the wonders of the region.

Pembrokeshire has a strong reputation for eco-friendly and sustainable tourism, with many local accommodations, activities, and places to eat for environmentally conscious travelers.

Have you ever done a foraging activity? What better than collecting ingredients in nature, both in the sea and on the land, and cooking a spectacular meal at the end!!


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